H1 Update 2024

Explore the Latest Trends in Business Support and Human Resources to Enhance Your Recruitment Efforts and Workforce Planning

Discover Essential Insights and Trends in Business Support and HR

Unlock the critical information you need to stay competitive in the evolving landscape of 2024. Download our comprehensive H1 2024 Update for exclusive insights into the key trends shaping the Business Support and HR sectors.

What is inside?

1. In-Depth Market Analysis

  • Temporary and Fixed-Term Contracts: Learn about the rise in temporary roles and how they benefit businesses.

  • London Market Overview: Get the latest on permanent job trends and salary expectations.

  • HR Market Update: Discover how AI and hybrid working are transforming HR practices.

2. Key Takeaways

  • Talent Acquisition: Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent amidst economic challenges.

  • DEI Initiatives: How diversity, equity, and inclusion are being prioritised in modern workplaces.

  • AI Integration: Understand the impact of AI on executive assistant roles and business support.

3. Exclusive Predictions for the Year Ahead

  • Post-Election Impacts: Insights on how the upcoming election could affect HR policies and recruitment.

  • Skills Development: Find out which skills are in high demand and how to develop them.

4. Special Announcement

  • New Services for EAs and PAs: Be the first to learn about our new company, launching in September 2024, with bespoke services designed to empower Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants.

Why Download Our H1 2024 Update?

Stay informed and prepared with the latest market intelligence. Our report offers actionable insights and forward-looking predictions to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.


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